Error codes in OneSchema and their corresponding messages. Messages are human-readable descriptions of errors and are subject to change.

  1: "Must be from picklist",
  2: "Must be a number",
  40: "Must be a percentage",
  3: "Must match MM/DD/YYYY date format",
  25: "Must match DD/MM/YYYY date format",
  29: "Must match ISO 8601 date format",
  30: "Must match ISO 8601 datetime format",
  45: "Must match MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM",
  34: "Must match YYYY/MM/DD date format",
  35: "Must match DD/MMM/YYYY date format",
  26: "Must match HH:NN time format",
  46: "Must be a Unix timestamp",
  8: "Must be a URL",
  10: "Must be a internet domain",
  13: "Must be an email address",
  5: "Must be a unit of measure",
  6: "Must be a currency code",
  7: "Must be a phone number",
  44: "Must be a US phone number with optional extension",
  31: "Must be a quantity of money",
  33: "Must be a IANA timezone",
  36: "Must match a custom regex",
  37: "Must be only letters",
  42: "Must match masked SSN format",
  43: "Must match unmasked SSN format",
  48: "Must be a file name with extension",
  52: "Must be a UUID",
  53: "Must be valid JSON",
  23: "Must be a ZIP/Postal code",
  50: "Must be a US State or Territory",
  51: "Must be a Country",
  1000: "Data is duplicate in unique column",
  1001: "Data is missing in required column",
  1003: "Row validation error occurred",
  1004: "Data is shorter than min character limit",
  1005: "Data is longer than max character limit",
  2000: "Text should be in title case",
  2001: "Text should be in upper case",
  2002: "Text should be in lower case",
  2010: "Text has surrounding whitespace",
  3001: "Validation webhook triggered an error",
  3002: "Validation webhook triggered a warning",
  5000: "Code hook triggered an error",
  5001: "Code hook triggered a warning",
  8000: "Template column must be mapped",
  8001: "Invalid template column"