OneSchema Performance

Please see the following tables for OneSchema performance benchmarks. Updated April, 2024.

Upload speed

Time for file to be uploaded, parsed, and intelligently map column headers for the user to confirm.

Number of rowsTime
1k1.3 seconds
10k1.8 seconds
100k8.8 seconds
1M17.5 seconds
10M1 minute 47 seconds

Validation speed

Validation speed is the time it takes to go through the different validations for all mapped columns across the entire file. In this case, the tested validations were across two proper case fields (first name, last name), email, date, and address fields.

Number of rowsTime
1k1 second
10k1.1 seconds
100k1.2 seconds
1M3.2 seconds
10M5.6 seconds

Transformation speed

Transform speed is the time required to automatically fix all errors detected in the test file using OneSchema native transformations

Number of rowsTime
1k0.6 seconds
10k1 second
100k1.3 seconds
1M3.8 seconds
10M22.5 seconds