A spreadsheet is a document in which data is arranged in rows (horizontal) and columns (vertical) to form a grid. Spreadsheets have a header row (usually the top row) in which each cell serves as a description for the data in its corresponding column. Following the header row, are rows of data. Each piece of data in a row is contained within its own cell which corresponds to, and is positioned below, the relevant header.

Processable formats

In order for a spreadsheet to be processed by OneSchema, it must follow the format of 2D-tabular data. This means that, header row withstanding, data in a given column must be in a consistent and identical format. Any data in a column that does not conform to the specified validation format, will trigger an error.

File formats

Spreadsheets come in different file formats depending on the program used to generate them. The most common file formats are .csv (comma-separated values) and .xlsx (Excel files) which are the formats OneSchema accepts.

OneSchema can upload Excel Workbooks in .xlsx format, and will import one sheet at a time as specified by the user.



The spreadsheet below is processable since the data is consistent row by row.


Not processable

The spreadsheet below is not in 2D-tabular format due to the "Contacted" + "Not Contacted" rows. It cannot be processed by OneSchema due to the inconsistency of the data row by row.