Using Pre-Built Validations

No-code data validations

See below for details on all no-code data validations supported by OneSchema which can be used when configuring a template.

ValidationFunctionAutofixError code
AlphabeticalOnly allow alphabetical characters, spaces, and special characters (i.e. ñ and ü)N/A37
BooleanOne of two pre-determined options. i.e. "Yes" and "No"; "True" and "False"; "0" and "1".Adjusts letter casing to match predefined boolean values.55
CountryCountries, dependent territories, and other.Auto-transforms between two-digit codes, three-digit codes, and full country names (i.e. US, USA, United States of America).51
Currency CodeISO codes for different currencies.N/A6
Custom RegexSupply a custom regex to validate values.N/A36
Date DD/MM/YYYYDates in DD/MM/YYYY format separated by slashes which require leading zeros.See dates table below.25
Date DD/MMM/YYDates in DD/MMM/YY separated by slashes which require leading zeros.See dates table below.35
Date ISODates in format YYYY-MM-DD (leading zeros).See dates table below.29
Date MM/DD/YYYYDates in MM/DD/YYYY format separated by slashes which require leading zeros.See dates table below.3
Date YYYY/MM/DDDates in YYYY/MM/DD format separated by slashes which require leading zeros.See dates table below.34
Datetime ISODates in format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:NNTz (timezone).See datetimes table below.30
Datetime MM/DD/YYYY HH:MMDate with time in format MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm.See datetimes table below.45
DomainValues must be valid website domains without a scheme or path.N/A10
EmailValues must be an email.N/A13
File NameList of acceptable file name extensions (eg. .doc or .pdf).N/A48
IANA Time ZoneIANA time zone in the format Country/City (eg. America/New_York)N/A33
JSON ObjectValue must be a valid json objectN/A53
MoneyAmount of Money starting with dollar sign (ie. $123.45)Adds '$' to numbers with up to two decimal places. Adds trailing zero(s) until two decimal digits exist.31
NumberNumeric values: options for integer only, specific number of decimal places, use of thousands separators, and enforcing a range.Removes leading # and $, adds leading and trailing zeros as required, converts accounting notation to negative numbers i.e. (12) to -12.2
PercentageNumeric values that end with a percentage sign (%).Adds '%' to numbers. Adds '0' before decimal place is the number is <1.40
Phone NumberInternational e164 format (eg. +14087771288) between 2 and 15 digits.Adds a leading '+' if one is not present. Removes the following characters: . , / ( ) " " (space).7
PicklistValues from a set list of defined options. <40k entries per picklist for performance.N/A1
SSN (masked)SSN with only the last 4 digits (eg. XXX-XX-6789).Will add '-' and mask the first 5 digits of a 9-digit number so the output matches the format XXX-XX-6789.42
SSN (unmasked)SSN with all 9 digits (eg. 123-45-6789).Will add '-' to a 9-digit number so the output matches the format 123-45-6789.43
TextAllow any input.N/AN/A
Time HH:MMMilitary 24hr time in format HH:mm (eg. 22:30).N/A26
Unit of MeasurementISO codes used for units of measure for intl. trade.N/A5
Unix TimestampNumber of seconds since epoch (Jan 1 1970).N/A46
URLValues must be valid urls.N/A8
US Phone Number (ext)US phone format with optional extension. The extension may be separated from the phone number with the following chars/strings: x, X, #, ext, etx.Removes US country codes in the following formats: +1, 1-, 1 , 1.44
US State or TerritoryUS states or territories.Transforms between two-digit codes and full state names.50
US Zip CodeUS Zip code for location columns. Both 5 and 9 digit codes are accepted.N/A23
UUIDAn id of the form 123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426655440000.N/A52


The following table contains the date formats OneSchema can identify and transform into the desired format.

Date formatExample
Month DD, YYYYJanuary 15, 1990
MMM. DD, YYYYJan. 15, 1990
DD MMM. YYYY15 Jan. 1990
DD. MMM. YYYY15. Jan. 1990
ddd, MMM DD, YYYYMon, Jan 15, 1990


The following table contains the datetime formats OneSchema can identify and transform into the desired format.

Datetime formatExample
Unix timestamp1670874565
ddd MMM DD HH:mm:ss YYYYWed Jan 15 00:34:60 1990
MM-DD-YY HH:mm01-15-90 10:10
MM/DD/YY HH:mm01/15/90 10:10
MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm01/15/1990 10:10
YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm1990/01/15 10:10
MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm01/15/1990 10:10
MM-DD-YYYY HH:mm01-15-1990 10:10
YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm1990-01-15 10:10
MM/DD/YY HH:mm:ss xm01/15/90 10:10:10 am
ISO 86011990-01-15T00:34:60.026490+09:30
ISO 8601 without timezone offset1990-01-15T00:34:60.026490
MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm xm01/15/1990 10:10 pm
DD.MM.YY HH:mm15.01.90 10:10
DD.MM.YYYY HH:mm15.01.1990 10:10
DD-MM-YY HH:mm15-01-90 10:10
DD/MM/YY HH:mm15/01/90 10:10
DD-MM-YYYY HH:mm15-01-1990 10:10
DD-MM-YYYY HH:mm xm15-01-1990 10:10 am